About Us

The Balance Project fills an important need, to help you and/or those you love find and access support and resources needed to build a better balance around mental health and wellness.

Our Purpose

The Balance Project is here to support mental and emotional wellness for you and those you love by offering the following services:

Educational programming to raise awareness and understanding of mental health needs

Support in identifying and accessing resources and treatment

Financial assistance to those in need

Our Vision and Impact

We aim to serve as a resource to those seeking emotional health and wellness support.

Did you know…

  • In Northshore School District 112, 25.1% of the students are low income. We estimate that more than one million adults in Illinois experienced serious psychological distress in the past 12 months. 1,066,913 (in IL 2016)
  • Illinois’ state mental health agency spends a very low per capita amount on mental health services, compared to the rest of the U.S. IL – $75 per capita vs. US Average – $129 per capita
  • More than a quarter of adults who experienced serious psychological distress in the previous year in the U.S. reported an unmet need for mental health care. Almost half of the people with a perceived unmet need reported that they did not receive treatment because they could not afford it.
  • Youth mental health is worsening. Rates of youth depression increased from 8.5% in 2011 to 11.1% in 2014. Even with severe depression, 80% of youth are left with no or insufficient treatment
  • 1 in 5 Adults have a mental health condition. That’s over 40 million Americans; more than the populations of New York and Florida combined
  • Most Americans still lack access to care. 56% of American adults with a mental illness did not receive treatment.

Our Values

Our work is guided by these core values:


We work to understand the issues affecting our communities and work collaboratively with partners to develop meaningful programming supporting the needs of local families and individuals.


We identify trusted mental health professionals who share in The Balance Project mission and can provide support services to participants.


We value the importance of respecting every individual by embracing differences and delivering respect to all.


We believe in equitable access to care and work to eliminate barriers to support services.

Our Board

Agueda “Agi” Semrad

[email protected] (723)324-7366

Jody Schrimmer

Director of Inclusion
[email protected] 773-653-2377

Stefanie Bell

Director of Community Relations
[email protected] 773-653-2377

Jesse Lewin

Director of Communications & Public Strategy
[email protected] 773-653-2377

Caitlin Lewin

Director of Research and Education
[email protected] 773-653-2377

Megan Ziberstein

Director of Finance
[email protected] 773-653-2377

David Kepley

Director of Information Systems
[email protected] 773-653-2377

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